Traversing Ladder: Revolutionizing Facade Maintenance

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Maintaining the exterior of buildings is a crucial aspect of property management. Traditional methods often pose risks, prompting the need for innovative solutions. Enter the Traversing Ladder, a game-changer in facade maintenance, offering unparalleled safety and efficiency.

The Need for Advanced Facade Maintenance

The significance of safe and efficient facade maintenance cannot be overstated. Traditional methods are not only time-consuming but also carry inherent risks. As buildings get taller and architectural designs become more intricate, a need for advanced equipment arises.

Introducing the Traversing Ladder (SafeLadder)

Meet the Traversing Ladder, commonly known as SafeLadder, designed to redefine the way we approach facade maintenance. This cutting-edge solution is not just a ladder; it’s a comprehensive system built for precision and safety in cleaning and maintaining building exteriors.

Key Features and Customization Options

The Traversing Ladder stands out with its innovative design. The SafeAccess rail system, securely fixed to the facade or parapet, serves as the anchor. Wheels at the ladder’s base enhance stability, and the system is customizable with accessories like platforms, footrests, and telescopic sections for versatility.

Connection Mechanism and Movement Flexibility

The ladder’s connection to the SafeAccess rail is facilitated through a range of trolleys. Motorized and battery-powered options offer efficiency, while manual trolleys allow horizontal movement along the facade’s entire length. This adaptable movement ensures precise positioning for safe and effective operations.

Safety Standards Compliance

Safety is paramount in facade maintenance, and the Traversing Ladder exceeds industry standards. Compliant with EN353/1, a benchmark for personal protective equipment, and featuring the rigorously tested SafeAccess rail system adhering to EN1808, this system ensures a secure work environment at all times.

Suitability and Construction Material

Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum, the Traversing Ladder is suitable for facades up to 12 meters in height. Its integrated protection system guards against falls, providing reliability and peace of mind for workers operating at various heights.

Advantages of the Traversing Ladder

In summary, the Traversing Ladder offers advanced mobility, customizable features, and adherence to stringent safety standards. Its innovative design ensures that workers can perform their duties confidently and effectively, even at challenging heights.


The Traversing Ladder, in conjunction with the SafeAccess rail system, is a revolutionary solution for facade-related tasks. Its combination of innovation, safety, and adaptability makes it a compelling choice for those seeking efficient and secure maintenance at various heights.

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