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Jakob Rope Systems - Architectural Rope Solutions in the Philippines

Jakob Rope System

Wire ropes are highly adaptable and versatile elements that facilitate the creation of architecturally remarkable solutions, both in terms of technical functionality and aesthetic appeal.

At 828 Cable System Inc., we take pride in our diverse selection of wire ropes, end terminations, and accessories that cater to almost every architectural challenge. From stays and trusses to railing ropes, rope structures, artwork, and facade greening, we have the ideal components for any steel cable architectural application.

Our stainless steel cables are meticulously crafted from marine-grade materials, guaranteeing both durability and a timeless appearance. Coupled with our extensive range of end terminations, the possibilities for customization are truly boundless.

With excellent tensile force absorption, user-friendly handling, and cost-efficiency, wire ropes are an indispensable feature in a wide range of architectural applications involving steel cables. At 828 Cable System Inc., we’re committed to providing exceptional solutions that stand the test of time.

From cable suspensions and facade greening to balustrade infills, Jakob Rope Systems can be found in a wide array of projects.

Stainless steel cables boast low maintenance requirements and retain their appearance for extended periods, making them perfect for decorative applications.

Not only do we provide top-notch wire rope products, but our service is equally exceptional. We offer comprehensive assistance throughout your project, including engineering, statics, installation, and maintenance of rope and cable structures.

Stranded wires, wire ropes, rods

Our range of stranded wires and wire ropes for architecture comprises stainless steel cables in diameters from 0.62 mm up to 26 mm in different construction methods:

  • single-strand constructions: 1 √ó 7, 1 √ó 19, 1 √ó 37
  • wire ropes with wire core: 6 √ó 7 + WC,¬†6 √ó 19 + WC,¬†6 √ó 36 + WC
  • wire ropes with fiber¬†core: 6 √ó 36 + FC, 8 √ó 7 + FC
  • We manufacture inox rods in diameters from 5.3 to 21.9 diameters with optional external threads and wrench flats.

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External and internal threads

Wire ropes and rods can be assembled with thread ends in different designs and configurations, including:

  • standard external and internal thread ends, swaged
  • Vissline external thread ends
  • Univiss Plus external thread ends


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End stops and fittings

End stops in different configurations help to attach the wire ropes to posts. With our enormous range of fittings, wire ropes can be attached to almost any supporting structure:

  • radiused head ends
  • clamp rings
  • post fittings
  • eye ends
  • Variball system


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Turnbuckles, clevis ends and eye ends

Cable and tie rod assemblies should have a tensioning device at least on one end. If this is not possible, we supply a range of turnbuckles that can be inserted between the ends.

Clevis and eye ends can be attached to cable assemblies to attach them to eye brackets or other anchoring.

Our Forte program consists of external threads, turnbuckles and elegantly designed clevises for heavy loads.

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Anchoring Systems

We supply different anchors to attach wire rope assemblies to walls, wood, steel posts or other structures.

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