Anti-Slip Roof Walkway Solution in the Philippines & Throughout Asia

Rooftop anti-slip walkway system

Anybody working on or traversing the roof would benefit greatly from the installation of a rooftop anti slip walkway system, which would create a safe, stable, slip-resistant, and level walking and working surface. It prevents the roof from being damaged unnecessarily and provides a well-defined path, both of which are important when working at height.


Prevents surface damage to the roof

Portable, lightweight, and simple to set up

UV protection and fire retardancy

Surface for walking on that is advanced in design to prevent slipping in all directions and to increase friction in wet and icy conditions

Designated paths define off-limits areas and restrict access to those areas.

Due to the improved traction, roof users can walk safely.

Adjustable hue options include bright yellow for maximum visibility and muted gray for stealthy use.

Multiple length options that can be tailored to your needs are provided.

Mounting to a metal deck, standing seam roof, concrete, or any other surface is available at your request.



Key features of the aluminium walkway:
  • Durable and non-corrosive system
  • Lightweight and easy to install over new or existing structures – no welding required
  • The aluminum 6063 mill finishing ensures an outstanding aesthetic
  • Many options of anchoring walkways to the roof through non-penetration fixing systems are available
  • Can be equipped with guardrails upon request


Key features of the fiberglass walkway:
  • Non-corrosive fiberglass– ideal for corrosive environments such as petrochemical industries, water treatment facilities, marine vessels, and others
  • Lighter than aluminum but incredibly strong
  • Quick and easy to install as no welding is required
  • Fire retardant
  • High visibility with color choices of yellow or grey
  • If required, handrails can be easily installed on either one or both sides of the anti-slip walkway

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