FBA Gomyl Philippines

Traversing Gantry

Elevate Building Maintenance with Traversing Gantry Solutions in the Philippines

Gantry solutions are specifically crafted for the maintenance of various structures, including glazed architectural elements such as domes, skylights, and atriums, both indoors and outdoors. These solutions are custom-tailored to suit the unique shape of each building and are constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum to withstand damage and corrosion effectively. Gantries are designed to blend seamlessly with the building’s aesthetics, ensuring they remain virtually inconspicuous. To date, gantries with lengths of up to 30 meters have been fabricated and successfully installed.

The system incorporates several safety features, including a high-mounted handrail, enclosed ends, and a fall arrest mechanism, guaranteeing that users always work in a secure position.

The traversing system combines the functionality of a gantry with the SafeAccess monorail system. It can be operated electrically, powered by batteries, or manually, and can be configured with telescopic or fixed length options, among other customizable features.

Advantages of Traversing Gantry:
  • A lightweight solution
  • Easily hidden in parking position
  • More than 2 users can work simultaneously
  • The system is bolted and not welded
  • Easily operated. Just requires a basic training in work at heights
  • Access to the whole gantry structure
  • Modular system, which allows augmentation or exclusion of elements