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Traversing Ladder

Traversing Ladder (SafeLadder): Redefining Facade Maintenance in the Philippines

The Traversing Ladder, known as the SafeLadder, is a highly secure and innovative solution designed for performing tasks such as cleaning and maintenance on facades. This ladder is designed to move along a SafeAccess rail, which is securely fixed either on the building’s facade or on a protective parapet. To enhance stability, the ladder is equipped with wheels at its base. In addition to its fundamental features, the ladder can be customized with various accessories to meet specific requirements. These accessories include a platform that can be positioned above a parapet, footrests for added comfort, and telescopic sections that facilitate adjustments.

The ladder’s connection to the rail is established through a versatile range of trolleys. These trolleys come in different types, including motorized options, and can even be powered by batteries. Manual trolleys are also available, providing the flexibility to move horizontally along the entire length of the facade. This adaptable movement mechanism ensures that the ladder can be positioned precisely where needed for efficient and safe operations.

The Traversing Ladder is particularly suitable for tasks involving facades that are up to 12 meters in height and have accessible entry points from the ground level. Constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum, the SafeLadder features an integrated protection system that guards against falls, making it a reliable choice for working at heights. Notably, this ladder system conforms to the rigorous safety standards outlined in EN353/1, which is the industry benchmark for personal protective equipment.

The core element of this setup is the SafeAccess rail system, which serves as an anchoring mechanism. Rigorously tested and approved according to the EN1808 standard for suspended access equipment, the SafeAccess rail system offers an unparalleled level of security. This implies that both the ladder and its rail system adhere to rigorous safety guidelines and have been proven effective through thorough testing.

In conclusion, the Traversing Ladder (SafeLadder) in conjunction with the SafeAccess rail system presents a cutting-edge solution for carrying out facade-related tasks efficiently and securely. Its combination of customizable features, advanced mobility, and adherence to stringent safety standards ensures that workers can perform their duties confidently and effectively even at heights.

Advantages of Traversing Ladder:
  • Rapidly installed and low-cost solution
  • A lightweight solution
  • Easily operated. Just requires a basic training in work at heights
  • A discrete solution for gleaming facades