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Solutions for Green Wall

Greening has gained a new dimension with Jakob GreenSolutions.

Drawing upon over three decades of experience, Jakob Rope Systems is your trusted partner in bringing cost-efficient and stunning greening solutions that offer both economic and ecological benefits. Achieving a successful facade greening that balances functionality and aesthetics requires meticulous planning, a task at which stainless steel rope systems and nets excel. By harmoniously uniting ecology and architecture, greening can significantly enhance a property’s value and overall appeal.

Within the Jakob GreenSolutions range, we offer three distinct categories, each catering to greening projects of various sizes, complexities, and demands. These categories include our modular greening systems, the comprehensive GreenKit set, and bespoke solutions tailored to specific needs.

Our modular systems, such as GreenGuide, GreenTrellis, Webnet, and Webnet Frames, come equipped with all the necessary components, catering to greening projects of different scales and applications. These systems are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the unique needs and loads of various plant species.

For larger-scale endeavors, we provide customized solutions, guiding you from initial consultation to seamless installation. Our extensive experience working with landscape architects and handling complex, large-scale greening projects gives us a valuable edge. Collaborating with experts, we develop bespoke greening concepts, carefully select plants, and design support structures to bring your vision to life.

Customized Greening Solutions

Wire ropes and rods can be assembled with thread ends in different designs and configurations, including:

  • standard external and internal thread ends, swaged
  • Vissline external thread ends
  • Univiss Plus external thread ends


GreenKit presents a comprehensive package comprising cables, spacers, and accessories, tailored to facilitate the creation of stunning green spaces. Offering an abundance of greenery at a budget-friendly cost, GreenKit boasts cables and spacers crafted from marine-grade stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity for both indoor and outdoor greening projects. The use of high-quality materials and meticulous production processes guarantees the lasting success and reliable support of your green endeavors.

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GreenGuide embodies a delicate yet captivating construction, seamlessly blending functionality with an attractive design. Ideal for a wide array of climbing plants, this modular system can be effortlessly tailored to fit the scale of your project. Despite its exceptional quality and flexibility in design, GreenGuide remains remarkably cost-effective.

Whether you opt for a single cable installation or desire to fashion a trellis of any desired dimensions, GreenGuide offers the perfect solution. Complete sets, thoughtfully equipped with essential spacers and assembly parts, are readily available. Embracing further versatility, the length of the cable assemblies can be freely chosen, granting you ultimate control over your green creation.

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GreenTrellis, a versatile modular trellis system, is specifically designed to cater to both partial and large-scale greenings, particularly on concrete walls. Enhancing stability and facilitating installation, the system cleverly integrates vertical cables with a horizontal bar. By incorporating additional horizontal bars, customizable grids can be fashioned, accommodating the unique needs of your project and the requirements of the plants.

To safeguard against potential hazards, a security mechanism is in place, protecting the cables and the supporting structure from any overload caused by excessive plant weight, wind, snow, or other external loads.

GreenTrellis readily accommodates a wide variety of climbing plants, and it is conveniently delivered as a comprehensive set, complete with all the necessary components for swift and seamless assembly.

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Webnet, the stainless steel wire mesh, is a superb choice for creating medium to large greening trellises, perfectly combining both aesthetics and functionality. With the inclusion of suitable spacers and connecting parts, the net forms a modular system, allowing for easy and efficient scalability according to your project’s requirements. The cable diameter and mesh aperture are thoughtfully designed to suit climbing plants and accommodate their typical loads when used on facades.

Webnet presents an innovative design solution for creating lush and dense greening. It particularly excels in architecturally intriguing and functional greening projects. The dense foliage formed by the plants not only adds visual allure but also serves practical purposes. It acts as an effective noise and pollution absorber, and mitigates the urban heat island effect by providing shade and evaporative cooling, all while creating a welcoming habitat for insects and promoting biodiversity.

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Webnet Frames

Webnet Frames seamlessly integrate the benefits of Webnet for greening with hassle-free installation. These frames consist of stainless steel profiles with a pre-installed Webnet, ensuring a swift and straightforward setup process. Standard-sized Frames provide a cost-effective and user-friendly option, while made-to-measure Frames are tailor-made to suit your specific requirements. The Webnet’s cable diameter and mesh aperture are precisely adjusted to cater to the needs of climbing plants.

With the combination of Webnet Frames and plant pots, greening on walls or facades up to three meters becomes a feasible and stunning possibility. These frames are ideal for creating smaller greening in individual spots, offering a wide range of design choices to suit your preferences.

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