Building Maintenance Unit in the Philippines: Ensuring Skyscrapers Stay Pristine

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The Philippines is home to some of the most impressive skyscrapers in Southeast Asia, each soaring to breathtaking heights. These architectural marvels not only define the country’s skyline but also pose unique challenges when it comes to their maintenance. Ensuring these skyscrapers stay pristine requires specialized solutions, and that’s where Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) come into play.

Section 1: What is a Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)?

A Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) is a crane-like system designed to facilitate maintenance tasks on a building’s facade. In the Philippines, where skyscrapers often reach great heights, BMUs play a vital role in ensuring the safety and upkeep of these structures. They consist of a platform supported by a multi-layer drum hoist and four separate wire ropes, allowing them to move systematically along the building’s exterior. BMUs can even include auxiliary hoists for tasks like glass replacement and heavy-duty maintenance, making them versatile tools for skyscraper maintenance.

Section 2: The Role of BMUs in the Philippines:

The unique climate and geographical features of the Philippines make skyscraper maintenance a challenging endeavor. Frequent typhoons, saltwater exposure in coastal areas, and high humidity levels can take a toll on building facades. BMUs address these challenges effectively by providing safe and efficient access to all parts of a building, even those with an outreach exceeding 30 meters. This ensures that regular maintenance can be carried out, extending the lifespan of these impressive structures.

Section 3: Advantages of Using BMUs in the Philippines:

  • Maintenance Solution for Great Heights: Skyscrapers in the Philippines often reach astonishing heights, making traditional maintenance methods impractical. BMUs provide the ideal solution for accessing every nook and cranny of these tall structures.
  • Tailored Design for Complex Facade Geometries: The diverse architectural styles and complex geometries of Philippine skyscrapers require customized maintenance solutions. BMUs are designed to adapt to the unique characteristics of each building, ensuring no area is left unattended.

Section 4: Compliance with International Standards:

When it comes to safety and reliability, compliance with international standards is paramount. BMUs in the Philippines adhere to European (EN1808) and North American (Machine Directive 2006/42/CEE) standards during design, testing, and operation. This commitment to international standards ensures that skyscraper maintenance is not only efficient but also safe for both technicians and the buildings themselves.

Section 5: FBA Gomyl BMUs in the Philippines:

One prominent player in the field of BMUs is FBA Gomyl, known for its commitment to quality and innovation. FBA Gomyl’s partnership with the 828 cable system ensures reliable and efficient equipment solutions for building maintenance needs in the Philippines. Their range of BMUs spans from basic models to sophisticated modular systems, catering to a wide spectrum of functional requirements.

Section 6: The Ease of Operation:

One of the significant advantages of BMUs is their ease of operation. Unlike some other maintenance methods, operating a BMU does not require a Rope Access Technician Certification. This means that trained personnel can efficiently operate these systems, reducing the complexity and cost associated with maintenance.

Section 7: The Modular Advantage:

BMUs in the Philippines often benefit from a modular design. This means that elements can be added or excluded as needed, offering flexibility in maintenance solutions. This modularity not only streamlines maintenance but also offers cost-effective options for building owners.


In the Philippines, where skyscrapers are iconic and abundant, the role of BMUs in building maintenance cannot be overstated. They ensure that these architectural wonders continue to stand tall, offering both safety and aesthetic appeal. As architects, builders, and consultants encounter unique facade challenges, BMUs remain their trusted allies, providing tailored maintenance solutions for even the most complex skyscrapers.

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