NEO20S Lifting Hook

We’ve made the NEO20S 15mm slimmer, (by rearranging the position of its motor), and this has given the NEO20S an additional 60mm in height clearance. This is ideal when the lifting point has a very narrow opening and its contact point is lower than usual. With its 20,000 kgs. (44,092 lbs.) lifting capacity, it is ideal for oversized lifting points of up to 100mm (Ø)

20,000 kgs./44,092 lbs. lifting capacity

Ideal for oversized lifting points (up to 100mm Ø)

Remote engage and release of load

Fail-safe Design: Impossible to drop a suspended load

Safety factor of 4:1


Swivel with Bearings

The bearings allow the NEO20S lifting hook to rotate freely.
If required, the swivel can be set in a fixed position.

LED Status Indicator *

The High-Brightness LED status indicator is a safety feature that visually indicates the lifting hook’s status using a 4-color code scheme (Green for Open/Release, Red for Intermediate/Do Not Lift, Blue for Closed/Lift & Maneuver, and White for Low Battery). The LED indicator pulses intermittently after 10 seconds to save the battery. Note: This feature is optional.

Smart Battery

The high-capacity battery allows for over 3,000 cycles or 250+ hours in standby mode with just a 3-hour charge. The eMAX remote control lets you configure the hook’s electronics to restrict its operation to only opening when the battery charge is below a user-set threshold. This ensures that even with low battery, you can always open the hook and release the load.

Load Cell *

The NEO20S features an integrated load cell in the lifting hook, adding no weight or dimensions to the unit. The load cell increases the frequency of the LED status indicator’s pulse when there is a suspended load. Note: This feature is optional.


Autoclose Mode

The NEO20S comes with an innovative contact sensor that automatically detects when the hook is closed, allowing for seamless and effortless operation. Say goodbye to manual closing – let the NEO20S do the work for you!