Unlocking Access: The Davit System Revolutionizing Building Facade Solutions

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In the realm of efficient building facade access, the Davit System stands tall as a versatile solution. Whether providing permanent access or tackling temporary challenges, this time-tested system offers a range of applications that redefine the way we approach building maintenance in the Philippines.

Understanding the Davit System:

The Davit System is not just a set of components; it’s a comprehensive approach to building facade access. Comprising an aluminum alloy mast, jib, rotating boom, and captive trolley, it’s designed for suspending work platforms, single-user cradles, and bosun’s chairs. This system provides the flexibility needed for a variety of building maintenance tasks.

Key Features of the Davit System:

Rotating Boom Maneuverability: The Davit boom’s unique capability to rotate on a specialized rolling collar allows seamless maneuvering over parapets. This feature enhances the system’s adaptability to different building structures.

Portability and Traversing Davit: Portable Davits offer the convenience of easy disassembly and relocation to various areas within a building, thanks to installed sockets. The traversing davit system is a game-changer, eliminating the need for labor-intensive operations when moving portable davits between locations.

Design and Testing Standards:

The Davit System’s design is not left to chance. Advanced software is employed to calculate the machine and its components. Rigorous testing follows both European (EN1808) and North American (Machine Directive 2006/42/CEE) standards, ensuring reliability and compliance.

Advantages of the Davit System:

Lightweight Solution: The Davit System is engineered to be lightweight, making it an ideal choice for building facade access without compromising structural integrity.

Optimal Perimeter Coverage: With the ability to cover the entire perimeter of a building, the Davit System ensures comprehensive access for maintenance tasks.

Rapid Installation and Cost-effectiveness: Installation is swift, and costs are kept low, making the Davit System an economically viable solution.

Versatility and Modular Design: The cradle or suspended equipment isn’t limited to facade access; it can be utilized for various maintenance systems. The modular design allows for augmentation or exclusion of elements as needed.

User-Friendly Operation: Basic training in working at heights is sufficient to operate the Davit System efficiently, enhancing accessibility for maintenance personnel.

Real-world Applications:

Numerous successful installations of Davit Systems, boasting dimensions of up to 5 meters in height and 4 meters in outreach, demonstrate the system’s practicality. It’s particularly valuable in buildings with high parapets and limited roof space for complex Building Maintenance Units (BMUs).

Safety Considerations:

The Davit System doesn’t compromise on safety. Its design and testing procedures prioritize the well-being of maintenance personnel, aligning with international safety standards.


The Davit System isn’t just a set of components – it’s a paradigm shift in building facade access. From its design and testing to real-world applications, it stands as a reliable and efficient solution for the diverse challenges faced in the realm of building maintenance.

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