The Essential Guide to Building Maintenance Units (BMUs): Ensuring Safe and Efficient Facade Maintenance

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In the world of modern architecture, the aesthetics and safety of building exteriors are paramount. Enter Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) – essential tools that enable safe and efficient facade maintenance. In this guide, we’ll delve into the workings of BMUs, their applications, industry leaders like FBA Gomyl, design standards, and key partnerships.

Understanding Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) 

Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) are specialized crane-like systems that hang from a building’s roof, facilitating maintenance tasks on the facade. These systems typically consist of a platform, a multi-layer drum hoist, and four separate wire ropes. The platform, extending over 2 meters, can also incorporate an auxiliary hoist for tasks like glass replacement and heavy-duty maintenance. BMUs are crucial for accessing and maintaining all parts of a building’s facade, even those with an outreach exceeding 30 meters.

Applications of BMUs 

The primary application of BMUs is exterior facade maintenance. However, they can also be utilized for courtyard and atrium wall maintenance, as well as other tasks that require access to vertical surfaces. Architects, builders, and consultants rely on BMUs to overcome facade challenges efficiently and safely.

FBA Gomyl BMUs: A Leader in the Industry 

FBA Gomyl stands out as a leader in providing customized BMU solutions. Their wide range of BMU systems, from basic models to sophisticated modular systems, caters to diverse functional requirements. Architects, builders, and consultants trust FBA Gomyl for their expertise and commitment to quality.

Design and Safety Standards 

The design and components of BMUs undergo meticulous calculations using cutting-edge software. These systems adhere to stringent European (EN1808) and North American (Machine Directive 2006/42/CEE) standards to ensure safety and reliability during operation. By adhering to these standards, FBA Gomyl ensures that their BMUs meet the highest industry benchmarks.

The 828 Cable System Partnership 

FBA Gomyl has forged a strategic partnership with the 828 cable system in the Philippines. This partnership ensures reliable and efficient equipment solutions for building maintenance needs in the region. By leveraging the expertise and technology of the 828 cable system, FBA Gomyl enhances its BMU offerings, providing clients with top-notch solutions tailored to their requirements.


Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and aesthetics of building exteriors. FBA Gomyl, with its expertise, customization options, and adherence to industry standards, stands at the forefront of providing innovative BMU solutions. Partnerships like the one with the 828 cable system further enhance their capabilities, offering clients reliable and efficient maintenance solutions for their buildings.

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