Maximizing Building Maintenance Efficiency with Building Maintenance Units (BMUs)

828 Cable System Inc. Philippines

Maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetics of a building is crucial for its longevity. One innovative solution that has revolutionized the field of building maintenance is the Building Maintenance Unit (BMU). In this blog post, we will delve into the world of BMUs, exploring their functions, types, design considerations, and how FBA Gomyl’s cutting-edge solutions are addressing the challenges faced by architects and builders.

Section 1: Understanding Building Maintenance Units (BMUs)

A Building Maintenance Unit, commonly known as a BMU, is a crane-like system designed to facilitate maintenance tasks on a building’s facade. These platforms, extending over 2 meters, are supported by a multi-layer drum hoist and four separate wire ropes, with optional auxiliary hoists for specialized tasks like glass replacement and heavy-duty maintenance.

Section 2: Types of Building Maintenance Units

There are various types of BMUs, each catering to specific building structures and maintenance needs. From fixed BMUs suitable for regular maintenance to telescopic models designed for intricate architectural designs, the versatility of BMUs ensures a tailored solution for every building.

Section 3: Components and Design Considerations

The effectiveness of BMUs lies in their components and design. FBA Gomyl customizes BMUs using standardized components, ensuring they reach and maintain all parts of a building’s facade, even those with an outreach exceeding 30 meters. The design and components undergo meticulous calculations using cutting-edge software and adhere to European (EN1808) and North American (Machine Directive 2006/42/CEE) standards during testing.

Section 4: Facade Challenges and BMU Solutions

Architects and builders frequently encounter challenges when it comes to facade maintenance. FBA Gomyl’s range of BMUs, from basic models to sophisticated modular systems, provides practical solutions to these challenges, making building maintenance more efficient and cost-effective.

Section 5: Safety and Standards Compliance

Safety is paramount in building maintenance operations. FBA Gomyl ensures that the design and testing processes of BMUs adhere to the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind for architects, builders, and consultants relying on these systems for their projects.

Section 6: Applications Beyond Exterior Maintenance

While BMUs typically operate on a building’s exterior, they can also be utilized for tasks beyond facade maintenance. Courtyard and atrium wall maintenance are among the versatile applications of BMUs, showcasing their adaptability to diverse maintenance needs.

Section 7: BMUs in the Philippines

In the Philippines, FBA Gomyl’s preferred partner for BMU systems is the 828 cable system. This partnership ensures reliable and efficient equipment solutions for building maintenance needs in the region, further emphasizing the global reach and applicability of BMUs.


Building Maintenance Units are indispensable tools in modern building maintenance practices. FBA Gomyl’s commitment to innovation and safety has positioned their BMUs as reliable solutions for architects, builders, and consultants facing diverse facade challenges. Explore the world of BMUs to maximize building maintenance efficiency and ensure the longevity of architectural wonders.

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