When it comes to working-at-height solutions and services, Tractel® is unmatched in terms of its expertise, reliability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness. Many other types of end-user applications make use of these technologies, including those in the manufacturing, building, energy, telecommunications, and infrastructure sectors.

Control System
Two failsafe remote control units, one on the platform and one on the BMU roof, operate the system. Wireless, a conductor core, and a cable are the three centralized communication options.

Wireless Control
Fewer moving parts and cheaper suspension wire rope mean a lower overall cost of ownership. Continual power via a secondary source cord is provided.

Conductore Core
Uninterrupted signal without external interference. Included is redundant cord backup.

tirak®Rotation Counter
Keeps the tirak® hoist in sync while continuously leveling the platform.

tirak rotation counter | 828 Cable System Inc

HMI LCD Display       

Operator on platform and crew on rooftop receive clear communication from HMI LCD display regarding the state of the BMU and platform.

LCD DISPLAY | 828 Cable System Inc

Ergonomic Human Machine Interface (HMI)
There are specific failsafe toggle switches installed in the control system. Dedicated switches for each operation and a user-friendly design prevent unintended machine movement.

tirak®: The Global Standard in Man-Riding Hoists
The wire rope is automatically retrieved at the same rate as the hoist with the dual driven tirak®, which does not require any additional motors, clutches, or circuits to operate. Since the wire rope is not collected when under load by the twin reelers, we prevent crushing and strand damage and increase the wire rope’s service life.

BMU Standard features  

In order to ensure the entire safety of the operator, the system has built-in safety mechanisms that are constantly monitoring all operations. Integrated safety features include obstruction sensing device, overload detection, centrifugal brake, electromagnetic motor brake and in the event of loss of power, a manual controlled descent system. A material hoist can be integrated into the building’s structure for use in repair or completion.

Smooth Boom Transition

Extend and retract the boom with ease thanks to the rack and pinion mechanism and rollers on either side. This capability, utilized in conjunction with telescoping booms, is demonstrated using the hydraulic luffing option.

LCD DISPLAY | 828 Cable System Inc

Soft Start / Soft Stop
An improved riding quality that allows for pinpoint platform positioning.

Dynamic Automatic Platform Leveling

Maintains a stable platform at all times, whether you’re going up or down, for maximum ease, confidence, and security. Continuous leveling reduces the need for \smanual adjustment by service professionals.

BMU | 828 Cable System Inc

Anti-Tilt tracmod®Platform
There is no need for human intervention thanks to the automatically adjusting, dynamic platform. The sensor on the platform keeps it from ever tilting, so you can rest easy and secure your belongings.

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