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Lifting Hooks for Cranes

With the evo range of lifting hooks for cranes, elebia, the market leader in automatic lifting solutions will boost the safety and productivity of your cranes. The patented evo automatic hooks range from the 2.5 tons capacity of the evo2 crane hook to 25 tons capacity and allow you to hook on and release any load remotely.

Our evo5-evo25 crane lifting hook selection has been designed with one purpose: to bring our customers multiple options that can fit the needs of the heaviest lifting operations. No matter what kind of cargo you need to carry, it will be easy for you to find the perfect solution.

The patented range of safety hooks are equipped with a magnet in its lower section. When the magnet is close to the load, it attracts and correctly positions the sling. The operator pushes the control button, the hook closes, catches the ring and lifts the load without any additional handling.

The automatic crane hooks work with cable slings, chains slings, master links, textile slings and even big bags. And with the unique elebia automatic hook, you will be able to pick up and release loads remotely, avoiding any handling and moving, minimising risks, enhancing safety and increasing productivity.

How Does It Work?

The evo automatic lifting hooks attach and release the load remotely. The remote controlled crane hooks generate a magnetic field that

1. attracts the rigging gear or lifting accessory…

2. …orients it…

3. …and centers it.

The operator then presses the “close” button on the remote control to automatically close the lifting hooks for cranes, without any manual intervention, and operating remotely from a safe distance.

Check out out Youtube channel for more videos on how the patented evo automatic lifting hooks engage and release any load remotely in different applications and in different industries.


A sensor in the magnet indicates when the ring is in position. All this information is recorded in the eMAX remote control that acts as a hub gathering all the information and recording all the activity of the hook.


The new gearmotor allows you to release up to 20kgs. (40.09 lbs.) There will be no more problems with heavy rigging and with the precise electronic torque control, you can adjust the release limit. It is also clutch-protected from overloads.


We’ve redesigned the high-capacity battery to improve efficiency and minimise energy consumption of the hook. The battery is fully charged in 3 hours, and allows up to 5,000 cycles or 250 hours in standby mode.

Small, Compact, Light & Tough

We have created an automatic hook that is lighter, smaller, and more compact but equally as strong.


 The evo2 automatic hook can be configured with an automatic retractable latch or with a rigid latch. More info


(3-hour charge – 1 week’s power)

The evo2 battery is smaller and lighter than the rest of the range of safety hooks. With the new Eink charge status display system and new electronics, autonomy, and consumption are optimized.